Moving Sucks

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The title is pretty self-explanatory as moving (really) does suck, whether it be just around the corner or across the country. Admittedly, not everything about it is that bad; new location(s), new people, new home. It’s all the packing and physically moving everything you’ve accumulated that I dislike.

It’s really surprising the amount of “stuff” you can accumulate after living in the same house for 12 years. And when it comes time to pack up and move, it’s a case of trying to figure out how to make it all fit in the truck (or trucks!). As it was, we gave away, threw away, and/or donated a lot of stuff we no longer wanted. Even then, we still have too much stuff for our new place. Admittedly, the new place is physically smaller than our old house, but that was part of the plan; we want to downsize.

Then there is another aspect of moving that sucks: the cost. Moving across the country (1100+ miles) costs a lot. Fortunately, my new job included a relocation reimbursement, but we still had to pay out for it all beforehand. And even with the reimbursement, not all our costs are, or will be, covered.

Currently, our new house is once more filled with boxes as we unpack and sort the next batch of our stuff. Plenty more boxes are in a storage building, and a load more is in a POD, which hasn’t even been delivered yet. I just hope we can get what we want into the storage building and that we can find good outlets for the next round of things we want/need to get rid of.

But at the end of the day, we’re both so happy to have moved and to be starting over in a new town and state. And the drive to get there was somewhat enjoyable if a little tiring. We passed through several states and over the Great Smoky Mountains to get to our destination in North Carolina. It’s certainly been an adventure, and hopefully, our next move (when it happens) will be a lot easier and cheaper and a smaller distance.

Originally published Apr 2, 2018

Ian Mildon

Ian Mildon spends his days working as a software application developer. When not doing this he is a keen photographer, working with various formats; digital (full frame, APS-C), film (35mm, 6x4.5, 6x7), mobile (phone), instant. Ian is also a fairly prolific writer, mainly on subjects pertaining to photography, although he does not limit himself to just this subject matter.

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