The Quilt So Soft

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A poem written in Rondeau form

One may ask, what is a Rondeau poem? It is a poem that contains fifteen lines that have two rhymes throughout the poem. Typically the first few words or entire phrase from the first line get repeated twice. These words or phrase is called a refrain which is an excellent indicator of its history of being used for lyrics in the thirteenth century France.

I chose this particular form for a creative writing class for an added extra challenge to my serious endeavors into poetry. I figured that if I could write under a fairly strict form as the Rondeau, I could create more unencumbered forms of poetry.

The subject of this poem may seem to be about a quilt, but in actuality, it represents my grandmother. I had a very close relationship with Granny who was an amazing seamstress, embroiderer, and quilter. She created these one-of-a-kind quilts for all of her kids and grandkids alike. One specific quilt that inspired this poem was made from scraps of clothing that she made for herself. Being the talented seamstress, she made most of her clothing and would have such a wide variety of patterns or material types that it made this one quilt so colorful and yet so meaningful.

The quilt so soft, yet threadbare

Lies draped across my favorite chair.

I smile as it whispers to me, “Come close, sweet dear”.

Is that your voice that I can almost hear?

Or is it my mind, carrying illusions through the air?

Each stitch placed with such care.

Colors carefully chosen with your playful flair.

Each scrap of cloth, holding a memory so clear.

The quilt so soft.

Swirls of flowers, from your skirt did flare,

Geometric shapes dancing on each square.

Even a swathe of cream colored cashmere.

All woven snapshots of each passing year.

The kaleidoscope pattern, chosen with care.

The quilt so soft.



Originally published Jun 7, 2017/Odyssey

Lisa Mildon

Lisa Mildon is an offbeat geeky wordsmith, storyteller, and founder of Creatively Caffeinated. She has extensive editing and writing experience in non-fiction, fiction, poetry, and technical writing. In 2018, she graduated Summa Cum Laude at SNHU in Creative Writing and English. Lisa loves PC gaming, science fiction and is obsessed with traveling. A self-professed Whovian, she aspires to write for the TV series and in books. With her husband, they have 3 rescues, 2 adorable Rat Terriers, and 1 fat cat.

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