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So many decisions to make and so much information to digest. That’s how my husband and I felt as we continued our research project into going tiny. As with any traditional home, you’re going to need to put something on that skeleton (framework) of your home. And as with traditional homes, tiny houses tend to use the same materials but with builders\owners getting creative. Whether it be for practical reasons such as weight or flexibility of materials, or just for the pure fun and aesthetics, many tiny homes are turning to less traditional materials. For the exterior walls, there are several options. Wood, vinyl siding, and metal are all possible choices for tiny foundation homes and tiny houses on wheels (THOW’s). Brick could also be used on foundation homes. However, because of the material’s weight and rigidity, this is not advisable for THOW’s. Below is a simple breakdown comparison of basic exterior siding options:

Wood Vinyl Metal
Somewhat heavy Lighter weight Lighter weight
Average cost Average cost Average cost
High maintenance Low maintenance Low maintenance

Some of my favorite exteriors are a combination of wood and galvanized steel. By complementing your choice of wood with a colored metal panel, it just adds a nice modern splash of color. You could use the same options for interior walls; however, many still use drywall in their construction. While drywall is relatively versatile in its use, it isn’t the most flexible for road travel. If you plan on moving your THOW frequently, you may want to reconsider this option as cracking could occur. (Although, there is a fancy trick you can do to try to prevent this. I haven’t verified it, but for more information, My Tiny Empty Nest blog has more details.) From what I’ve seen in my research, most use wood or metal or a combination of these. Suppose you don’t fancy the interior looking like a cabin. In that case, there are always finishes or paint to make it less “woodsy” and more modern looking. There really isn’t much mystery to the walls in a tiny home, no matter what type of home you decide to build or buy. Common sense and some basic building knowledge will help you easily decide. Make your walls an artistic statement about you and have fun on the way.

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Originally published August 28, 2017

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